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Web Design

Visual attractiveness is an important factor in creating a successful website. We will discuss the goal of the website in detail. Based on this I will pick a color scheme, pick the best fitting photos, design a website logo and make a first visual draft of the website. I will show the first design listen to your opinion and ask questions to know how to customize the design according to your wishes. I will then create a modern mobile responsive website for you based on the design we agreed upon.


The website without an administration system has only half the power. It might look good, but after a while you want to make some changes. Maybe add an article or a photo. Without a backend system you would have to hire a programmer for every little change. with an admin system in place you can do it all by yourself. I can utilize an already made system like WordPress or create a wholly custom system to run on your page.


What would a website be if none would be able to find it? This is where the search engine optimization (SEO) comes to play. We will discuss what kind of searches are you trying to optimize the page for. Based on this I will pick up the keywords that will be used in the website. I will create a site map so the search engines can index the pages on the website quickly and make every page on the website optimized for them. With this you can reach the top of the Google searches quicker, but remember that the most important part of the success on Google is the content you put on the website.

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About Me

Hello, my name is Jan Koblizek and I am a student at the Charles University in Prague. Web design has been my hobby since middle school and now I've decided to offer my services online.

I will create a website you can be proud of. I take time to listen to my customers and create the page exactly as they wish. I always try to improve my skills and deliver the best work I can.